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myFitnessSync downloads your entire Fitbit history from and stores it on your iPhone in Apple Health. After syncing your data manually for the first time the app will auto-sync your data in the background multiple times a day.

Please see the "All Versions" on the "Reviews" tab. The app has over 300 5 star reviews with an overall 4.5 stars rating!

Looking to sync your Apple Health app or Apple Watch data to Fitbit app? Try our other app myFitnessSync for Fitbit - Apple Health to Fitbit -

Sync your Fitbit data to your wellness and rewards programs such as Go365.

5/5 "This app is awesome! I have an iWatch but I love the Fitbit! Finally an app that puts all my info in the iPhone health and does it correctly! Thank you" - TTWalker57

5/5 "Hard to beat software that works well!" - ican'tthinkofagoodnickname

5/5 "This is the Best app to Sync Fitbit data to Health and it works perfectly. Auto sync feature works great. This is the best sync app I ever used. Best Buy!" - Karthikeyan

Syncing your Fitbit data everyday with myFitnessSync for your iPhone allows you to use the Apple Health app to view your Fitbit data and any other fitness or medical data in one app. Fitbit Aria scale data will also be added to Apple Health when you sync.

- Launch myFitnessSync before you launch the official Fitbit app
- Click "Sync Now". myFitnessSync will launch the the Fitbit app for you. Wait for the Fitbit app to finish syncing.
- Click "Back to myFitnessSync" at the top left of the Fitbit app
- When myFitnessSync returns it will start syncing your data to Apple Health
- When syncing completes click "Launch Health App" to view your data.

myFitnessSync syncs up to 14 fields. You can customize the app to only sync the fields you want.
- Steps
- Walking + Running Distance
- Active Energy
- Resting Energy
- Dietary Energy (Food Calories)
- Sleep Analysis
- Time In Bed
- Time A Sleep
- Weight
- Body Fat Percentage
- Body Mass Index (BMI)
- Lean Body Mass
- Resting Heart Rate
- Flights Climbed
- Water / Hydration

NOTE: Fitbit restricts access to all-day heart rate data. We hope to have access to intraday data soon.

App Instructions -

We want hear from you!! We cannot respond to your questions or comments in review posts. Instead of posting questions or comment as a review please send them to or visit our support page - Thank you.

To remove all your Fitbit data from Apple Health and resync - delete our app, install it again, launch the app and click "Sync Now"


"Myfitnesssync" - "Very easy to use with my fitbit app and health app"

"Does what it says it does" - "So pleased to have my Fitbit info sync to My Health app on my iPhone 6. No problems at all so far."

"Does what it claims" - "The amount of money and time that have been wasted could have been saved if I had come across this app first. Thank you !"

Data is synced using 3 easy steps. After your first sync you can use One Click Sync.

1. In the myFitnessSync app, sign into using your account credentials.
2. Pick the fitness fields(steps, sleep, etc..) you want to sync with Apple Health.
3. Click the "Sync Now" button to start syncing your Fitbit data with Apple Health.

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To avoid seeing duplicate activity data in the Apple Health app disable fitness tracking on your iPhone. Go to Settings->Privacy->Motion & Fitness and disable "Fitness Tracking".

Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. Our tests have shown that our app only uses 1% of your battery while running in the background.


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2 Kommentare

  1. itsjonaslindner 11. November 2017

    I bought this app because I saw the good ratings and hoped this app could properly sync my data. But as I had to realize it just does what free apps can do: import all-day data at 23:59 so you cannot see at what time you walked how many steps etc. in the Health app. I really hope the auto-sync is working, otherwise it is a 1 star app as it would not offer features that explain the price! And also the design looks like a 5 year old kid made it in 2010!

  2. goorle 10. Juli 2017

    Zuverlässig, funktioniert einwandfrei, auch in Verbindung mit Apps wie CaloryGuard oder YAZIO

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