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new border information tab on the border details page - you can rate the border crossing and give feedback if you wish to do so - you can start an external navigation app by tapping on the address of the border crossing - border statistics moved from the border details page to the border info tab

BorderWatcher was made in order to create a platform which informs about the car traffic at every Hungarian border crossings. The application gets the data periodically from the official website, but the information found there isn't accurate. To provide more accurate information it is necessary that you indicate how long did your border crossing take. Year after year its expanded with other countries such as (Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Kosovo)

Übersicht der Chart-Platzierungen von BorderWatcher in den Reisen Charts der letzten 7 Tagen.
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