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The game "Spy" is an exciting social-psychological game designed for a group of 3 to 8 people, ideal for parties, family gatherings or friendly gatherings. In the game, each participant is secretly dealt cards with identical locations (e.g. restaurant, space station, pirate ship), but one of the participants receives a "Spy" card without knowing the location.

The Spy's job is to guess where the other players are by asking tricky questions and analyzing the answers. The other players try to identify the spy by exchanging questions and answers in such a way that their questions and answers are understandable only to those who know the location. These questions and answers must be streamlined enough that the spy cannot easily guess the location, but at the same time specific enough that the participants can figure out the spy among them.

The game requires skill in lying, discernment, and the ability to ask tricky questions and give ambiguous answers. "Spy" ends either when the spy guesses the location or when the other players correctly identify the spy. This is a great game for developing communication skills and observation, and a great way to have fun and laugh with friends or family.

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