Dice by PCalc

Added two new dice themes, “Pride” and “Identity”, which can be configured to display a wide variety of flags. Added an experimental “Ultra 8K” graphics mode. This is mainly for me taking pretty pictures of dice, you very much do not need this. Added some new alternative app icons. Updated the Relay FM mode.

Dice by PCalc, is a physics-based simulation of polyhedral dice for use in tabletop role-playing games with dungeons and/or dragons.

Featuring near-photorealistic 3D graphics, it comes with a variety of gorgeous dice sets. Throw multiple dice with advantage or disadvantage, and any given modifier, and the app will automatically calculate the correct total.

You can save named presets to quickly roll the attack of your favorite sword, or figure out exactly how much damage your bard took from those seventeen giant rats. Flick dice to fire them across the screen when the numbers don’t go your way.

Create custom dice with any text or emoji on the faces, or import your own images, and easily share your dice with friends.

Supports split screen and slide-over on the iPad, so you can put it alongside your other RPG apps, and speech synthesis that can read out the list of dice and the results. Also comes with a companion Apple Watch app, so you'll never be without a D20 again. Even supports AR!

The ideal app for every member of your party!

Übersicht der Chart-Platzierungen von Dice by PCalc in den Brettspiele Charts der letzten 7 Tagen.
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