Bug Heroes 2 Premium

Changed the “Bug Heroes: Tower Defense” announcement to include a gem reward • Fixed Beetle’s passive ability • Slug can now hit very close enemies • Reduced Piercing Potion cost from 150 to 100 • Added a timer that shows how much potion time is remaining • Fixed a bug where enemies wouldn’t spawn past wave 21 in Tower Defense mode • More slaves appear at a time when having to save 10+ • The ‘Take and Hold’ timer doesn’t reset when a strategic location is lost • Multiplayer skill brackets removed, due to player pool being too small. High-ranking players can now match with low-ranking players. • Fixed a bug where equipping scrolls sometimes wouldn’t work right • Fixed a common crash that could happen due to exiting a game while any ability was on cooldown

Master 25 unique heroes - from a hook wielding Waterbug pirate, to an old and wise Aphid sensei, a champion Bumblebee boxer, a grenade launching Worm, a poison obsessed Stinkbug, and tons more! Choose and customize your squad, and unleash powerful abilities on your enemies. Scavenge for food and junk, fortify your base, build turrets, level up your heroes, equip weapons and armor, and survive! Or, put your skills to the test in up to 2v2 competitive multiplayer battles!



• MOBA-like competitive & cooperative multiplayer
• Tons of single player content, including missions, an endless mode, and a base vs base skirmish mode
• 25 unique heroes to master - form your team of two
• Innovative squad based gameplay - control two heroes simultaneously
• Level up your Bug Heroes, increase their skills, and buy weapons, armor, and gear
• Scavenge for food, then defend your Food Stash with turrets and upgrades
• Complete missions, earn stars, and unlock a host of powerful upgrades
• Master both melee and ranged combat. Slice your enemies with swords, swat bugs off of ledges, blast them from long range with guns and magic, and more
• Tactical gameplay - use cover to defeat your enemies
• Over 75 varied enemy types to battle


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