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Download the Ace Family app for exclusive access to discounts, deals, and updates to the Ace Family gear. Make sure to opt into push notifications for the latest news!

*Shop exclusive in-app products
*Stream live Ace Family events and watch new videos
*Listen to Austin & Catherine's Spotify playlist, compiled just for app users
*Download limited wallpapers 

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Twitter: @catherinepaiz @austinmcbroom


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3 Kommentare

  1. sofiasequeira 7. Oktober 2018

    This App is My favorite app on my iPhone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. polina_nfd 6. Oktober 2018

    I’m so sad about the fact that you’ll have to pay for watching videos on this app. Like I know you have to earn money but what is with the younger people that are watching your videos and wanna use the app too?? We can’t pay and that really makes me sad because honestly I’m just the biggest ace family fan!!!☹️❤️❤️♠️ Maybe it changes one day. (By the way I’m from Germany so I’m really sorry if my English isn’t good enough but I think you guys understand what i mean).

  3. özgesahin 6. Oktober 2018

    im from germany and your the best!!!!!
    I love elle so much she is so beautiful!!😍

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