Storm Chatelain

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Storm Chatelain is a 3D role-playing game with real-time battle.
Explore the dark world full of monsters with your friends.
Only the best heroes can challenge them.
Build your team of heroes to battle monsters in the battle!
Clash with legendary monsters in deadly, fast-paced combat, and loot rare treasures to fuse mighty weapons and impenetrable armor!

Storm Chatelain Features:

Unique pre-battle strategy design
Collect a group of 5 heroes, and arrange your battle formation wisely according to the rival’s formation and your heroes’ abilities.

Epic quests in uncharted realms
Lead your brave heroes through treacherous dungeons, hideouts and perilous dungeons in search of powerful loot.

Team up with your friends join the Cross-server League Matches
Every week brings new chances to clash with other guilds and win glory for your guild!

Download Storm Chatelain to become a hero today!


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3 Kommentare

  1. Charlotte Grebe

    That's just it. It's a great game.

  2. Minerva Rynda

    "This game has a lot of thought into it. The developers have done a magnificent job at creating a virtual world that really catches your attention. Very addictive!

  3. Chelsea Knoell

    I have been playing for a while. It still keeps me playing.

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