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• Featured by Apple as "Best New Apps"
• "The best photo app on the iPhone is Faded" - John Mayer
• Rated Top 10 photography apps in The Guardian
• Rated Top 5 photography apps in ShutterStock

Faded is the premier all-in-one photo editing app for the iPhone.

Featuring the most powerful photo editing tools and gorgeous film-inspired looks, Faded is the perfect photo app to take your creativity to the next level.

Faded includes 46 free beautiful exclusive filters and offers 36 premium filters available for purchase in the store. Each filter is previewed in a large grid format and emulates perfectly the beauty and nostalgia of classic film.

Faded provides you the ability to save your adjustments as custom presets, called ACTIONS. An ACTION can be easily applied to any photo as your own personalized filter. Now with the ability to apply saved actions to multiple photos and batch export.

Faded comes packed with color bursting gradients, light leaks, emulsions, and unique frames to give your photos an impactful custom effect while also offering you premium effects to purchase, giving your photos depth and complexity.

Faded's camera is fully loaded with functional tools allowing you complete control of your shots. Tools such as manual exposure, hands-free snap shutter countdown, compositional grid or square format, and split exposure, focus points. Now with burst mode picture taking and the ability to take multiple photos to be saved in the in-app library.

12 professional, custom adjustments to completely customize your photo including fade, highlights, sharpen, exposure, shadows, grain and more!

Overlay allows you to add an image, solid color, or pattern to your photo. You can then adjust the opacity, filter, and blending mode for a completely unique look.

Faded offers you access to your complete adjustment history, allowing you to revert back to any point in the editing process and save your adjustments as custom actions.

Clean and intuitive design allows you to perfect your images very quickly! 

3 Export resolutions, including high resolution export to camera roll with the ability to upload your photos directly to instagram, facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr, dropbox, evernote, and email.

Follow Faded's instagram @madewithfaded to get an early peak at new features and be sure to tag your photos #madewithfaded

Have ideas for new features or improvements? We'd love to hear from you!



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3 Kommentare

  1. 015688 1. November 2015

    Eignet sich sehr gut, um Bilder schnell zu bearbeiten. Die Filter sind super. Toll!

  2. Jsisigksi 23. Oktober 2015

    App ist in Ordnung. Manche "Gratis" Angebote kann man jedoch erst freischalten durch das schreiben einer Rezension (wie dieser hier) oder durch Folgen auf Instagram.
    Update: Seit der neuen Version funktioniert die App nicht mehr. Hängt sich beim Öffnen auf und das Handy gleich mit... Ok

  3. 19522 12. Oktober 2015

    Man kann sich einige FotoApps sparen wenn man den hat 👍 Manti

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