Space Borders: Alien Encounter

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Command massive star ships in a large-scale war against a powerful alien force! Put your tactical skills to work and protect humanity and Earth from certain annihilation.

Space Borders is a 2D space RTS game, which is highly inspired by the "Homeworld" series. It features lots of gameplay depth, colorful graphics, fluent special effects & a great overall atmosphere.


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• Real-time strategy (RTS)
• Build up your fleet by choosing from 15 different types of ships (with unique abilities)
• Harvest resources to buy new ships, power-ups and upgrade your mothership
• Protect friendly ships and stations from attacks & ambushes
• Create custom formations of fighters, destroyers, carriers & support vessels
• Coordinate your ships to gain tactical advantages in difficult situations
• Use superweapons to destroy large clusters of enemies
• Distract the enemy with special powers
• and much more...

• HD graphics (iPhone 4+, iPod touch 4G+)
• Great visual effects
• 3D audio for realistic sound effects (headphones required)
• Wide variety of battleships (fighters, carriers, destroyers & more)
• Unrestricted camera freedom
• Ambient space soundtrack
• Training mission
• Campaign Mode (8 missions)
• Survival Mode (endless play)
• Deep Space Mining mode (resource booster)
• Conquest Mode (add-on)

In the late 23rd century humans have populated most of Earth. Troubled by the poor quality of life and the excessive amount of damage inflicted on Earth, they decide to plant new colonies on distant planets. The Earth military (EDF or Earth Defense Fleet) is in charge of organizing and carrying out this immense project. During the colonization, the EDF encounters a new life form, which turns out to be extremely hostile. Multiple attacks on EDF key installations, as well as on a research ship, force the EDF to improvise new strategies for a full evacuation. You are a high ranking officer of the EDF, who is in the midst of all the action. Make sure you all get back home to Earth safe & sound.


• - submit feedback, feature requests & more - receive the latest news about Space Borders
• - Conquest Mode FAQ

Thank you all for supporting Space Borders with reviews, ratings, ideas for new features and a lot more. This game is truly powered by its fans! Check out the links above and be part of it.


• Space Borders is powered by the Sparrow Framework.


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4 Kommentare

  1. (-MrU-) 19. Juli 2015

    Das spiel auch einen großen Suchtfaktor. Und läst sich immer mal wieder spielen. Top Spiel

  2. Eycker 7. Juni 2015

    Super game, entspannt mich sehr. Spiele es seit Jahren immer mal wieder und freu mich auf ein Update... Klassiker - Topspiel

  3. TheLion1983 18. Oktober 2014

    Sehr schön gemacht! Suchtgefahr;) Top

  4. Realhale_bopp 19. Juli 2014

    Sehr gutes Game. Grafik könnte besser sein, Kampagne auch etwas umfangreicher, aber sonst Klasse. Klasse Spiel

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