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The new "KORG iPolysix" polyphonic synth studio for the iPad mini & iPad!
Special Introductory Sale - 50% OFF! Offer valid until December 31th!

iPolysix is an analog polyphonic synthesizer that's been carefully designed to take full advantage of the 7.9-inch display of the new iPad mini as well as the iPad. Bringing together a sequencer, drum machine, and even a mixer, it transforms your iPad or iPad mini into the ultimate analog synth studio. Pack an amazing set of early-'80s analog equipment into your iPad, and time-travel back to the dawn of polyphonic synthesizers!

● The world-wide best-selling Polysix polyphonic synthesizer, fully replicated on your iPad
● Use the newly developed Polyseq polyphonic step sequencer to control the Polysix
● A music production environment including two Polysix units, a drum machine, and a mixer
● Dual Kaoss Pads with chordal support make it easy for anyone to play analog synth sounds
● Polyshare powered by SoundCloud lets you publish, share, and remix songs with iPolysix users

☐ The world-wide best-selling Polysix polyphonic synthesizer
Korg's Polysix, a six-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer, went on sale in 1981. While a popular synthesizer of that time was able to produce only five notes simultaneously, the Polysix had six-note polyphony, and its name was an expression of its designers' pride. iPolysix uses Korg's proprietary "CMT" (Component Modeling Technology) to simulate the actual electronic circuits of the original unit, perfectly reproducing the original Polysix.

☐ The newly developed Polyseq polyphonic step sequencer
Polyseq is a polyphonic step sequencer that provides up to 64 steps, newly developed in order to take full advantage of the Polysix's capabilities. Polyseq provides a different operating feel than a conventional piano-roll sequencer or even a step sequencer; it's a new yet somehow familiar experience, as if you were retracing the evolution of electronic musical instruments. Don't miss the opportunity to try out this perfect match; the Polysix+Polyseq.

☐ A music production environment including two Polysix units, a drum machine, and a mixer
iPolysix has been created as a professional music production tool. In addition to two Polysix units, it provides a six-part drum machine, and an analog mixer that's reminiscent of the KMX-8 mixer. You'll have everything you need to produce great sounding music. Surrounded by analog equipment, you'll imagine that you've time-traveled back to the early '80s.

☐ Dual Kaoss Pads with chordal support
The large multi-touch display shows two Kaoss Pads which you can control using both hands to perform music. This enables creative performance even for those who have no musical knowledge. These Kaoss Pads have been customized for iPolysix to allow not only single-note performance, but also chordal playing with just one finger; a new experience made possible only by a combination of new and old technology, the Polysix+Kaoss Pad.

☐ Polyshare powered by SoundCloud lets you publish, share, and remix songs with iPolysix users around the world
Polyshare is a function for iPolysix users to share their songs. It's based on SoundCloud, the song sharing service favored by music creators. You can make your song available to iPolysix users around the world simply by uploading the song directly from the app. You can download and upload remixable tracks. It's easy to enjoy remixing and collaboration with users around the world.

*You'll need a SoundCloud account to use Polyshare. A variety of account types are available. For details, please refer to the SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com. Use of SoundCloud is subject to the usage conditions specified by the SoundCloud company, including prohibition of copyrighted songs.

- iPad mini or iPad series (iPad 2 or later is recommended)
- iPolysix is a dedicated iPad app.

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4 Beiträge

  1. Huuufer 21. November 2015

    Leider kann man weder was laden noch was hochladen. Schade .. Bitte Update für 9.1 nachschieben! Stürzt IMMER ab bei Verbindung mit dem WWW.

  2. MatzeHH64 18. August 2015

    Das Ding war früher schon der Hammer. Jetzt hab ich das iPad mittels USB-Camera-Adaptor an meine Midi-Tastatur angeschlossen und habe Spaß! Absolut geil!

  3. Dennis 1970 14. Juli 2015

    Also die Werksounds sind nicht gerade der Hammer, wer sich aber mit Analog Synths aus kennt wird hier viel Freude haben, so wie ich . Hab auch das Orginal und finde hier die Speicherung sehr Positiv. Man sollte aber ein Controller/ Synth haben dann kommt wahre Freude auf.Auf dem iPad verspielt man sich zu schnell oder drückt 2 Tasten auf einmal. Presets , naja....

  4. fdur49 6. Oktober 2014

    Unter iOS 7 war diese App großartig. Nach Update auf iOS 8 stürzt sie sofort ab. Bitte nachbessern, Korg! Unter iOS 7 großartig

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