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*NOTE* This app is IPAD 2+ ONLY. It requires a camera

* Featured in "New & Noteworthy" in UK & US *
* FWA app of the day 14th September 2011 *

Composite allows you to remix your surroundings to create artistic compositions. Inspired by the collages of Robert Rauschenberg, this iPad 2 app gives you the opportunity to paint pictures using the live front and back facing cameras. Simply point your device towards your subject and start painting to reveal it. A variety of control over the brush and video stream is offered to allow for different aesthetics. These include brightness, contrast, colour offset, alpha, blur and thickness.

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"you can record your subject in real-time, toy with how it appears on your screen... and make something really expressive. This is your new time waster" - Gizmodo

"The results are striking, combining the visual effect of a painting with the immediacy of a photograph. Making a Composite image real does feel like painting with video, and turns out to be a good way of portraying the feel of a place or the atmosphere of an event." - CultOfMac

"This app is amazing. It encourages creativity by showing the user what the world can look like through the eyes of an artist. You can spend hours recreating deeply textured and richly colored images and easily save them to your camera roll. For only $1.99, you will feel like a true artist." - AppAdvice

"Composite... allow[s] you to remix your surroundings on the touchscreen, forming painterly compositions as you reveal the world via dreamy, expressionistic sketches in a real-time video stream" - The Creators Project

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User comments

"With this tool in hand we can quickly and easily let the subconscious go to work without interference from the pesky thoughts. Easy, deep, and great fun" - Stephen Beveridge

"Never seen anything like it- instant fun and probably the start of a new form of art. Just genius" - Mike Renwick

"A fantastic app that really uses the features of the ipad to unlock your abstract creativity!" - Gazmondo

Very cool app
"I recently saw this on creative applications and fell in love immediately. Everything about the concept and the inspiration for it struck a cord... the iPad as an art creation tool has much potential and apps like this are helping it get there" - Paradical


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